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Polish Tracks and Wheels 2, Polish Vickers 6ton (Pt 1)

Fabricant: Mushroom Model Production
Echelle: pas d'application
Référence: ADO_Polish02
En stock: 1

This is another recent A4, large format paperback, from MMP and second in the series on Polish military equipment of WW2.  This particular one covers the use of the Vickers 6 ton tanks along with the artillery tractors based on the same chassis.  The British company of Vickers who designed this series of 6 ton tanks didn't have much success with the British Army, but both Russia and Poland used them in large numbers.


After WW1 ended and on into the 1920s, Poland fought against the Bolsheviks.  They were using old FT-17 light tanks and knew they need replacements.  The book tells this background story neatly and simply, as Poland began to but the Vickers 6 ton in the early 1930s.  It also shows how Vickers seemed unable to build the initial deliveries to specification, which caused updates to the contracts and tanks whose armour was not giving the protection it should.  Initial deliveries were the Type A, a twin turreted machine gun armed version.  The later ones used the single turret of the Type B, but again the question of what gun to fit caused a few questions.  The story goes on, taking you through the training and eventual combat stories of the Vickers 6 ton series in Polish service and in a very readable style.


The bulk of the book is heavily illustrated to add to the story in the text, with scale drawings, colour profiles and some excellent archive photos.  With their use of multi-colour camouflage schemes from the outset, the Polish service machines offer some interesting finishes for the modeller, and as there are plenty of models available in both small and larger scales, plenty to try them out on.  Then of course there are the artillery tractors based on the same chassis, the C6P, C6T and C7P recovery and engineer variants.  These feature details of the heavy artillery units they towed, and include scale drawings and some of the most intriguing photos, virtually all of which I had not seen before.  With heavy mortar barrels the cradles and the large ammunition trailers, these could make for a very interesting series of model combinations.  While there are a couple of scale plans in 1/72, the most interesting are in 1/35, on a separate folded sheet that is tucked in the back, but these can be reduced to smaller scales with modern copying and scanning machine if you need to.



Certainly a book I think modellers will value, especially the artillery tractors and their associated special equipment, then I happily suggest that this is one well worth reading, along with handy scale drawings. It has certainly added a lot to my knowledge of these smaller AFVs while in Polish service at the outset of WW2.

Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le dimanche 06 novembre 2016.

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